• This self-contained system is specifically designed for the removal of underwater
    mines, weapons or explosives.
  • The system can be deployed by a single diver from a remote location, such as an
    inflatable boat.
  • Designed to operate to full lift capacity to a depth of 175ft with the standard two
    cylinder kit, and the 330ft with the quad cylinder kit.
  • Equipped with all necessary hardware – ready for immediate use.
  • Each SUBSALVE USA lift bag is tested prior to shipping.
  • Available in magnetic or non-magnetic MIL specification MIL-M-19595
  • ROV deployable
    The Mark V/Orca base system is available in 2,500lb (1,200kg) and 4,400lb (2000kg)
    versions and includes:
  • One enclosed lift bag manufactured of heavy-duty yellow 40 oz. urethane-coated
    nylon fabric for high abrasion resistance and fuel resistance.
    · Two 80 ft3 aluminum or 100 ft3 aluminum or 87 ft3 fiber-wrapped cylinders.
    · Pressure relief valves
    · Inflation manifold with hoses
    · Tank harness
    · Actuation valve
    · Surface command unit
    · Manual and electrical actuation
  • Specially designed for use by law enforcement to recover or remove
    explosives or other dangerous devices.
    · The Bomb Recovery System 100 includes the following.
    · One 25lb float
    · One 50b float
    · One 100lb float
  • Each float includes one 2.5psi pressure relief valve and a 1/4in quick
    disconnect for inflation.
    · 100ft LP inflation hose with quick disconnects
    · 105ft high strength polypro line with carabiner
    · Carry bag

The Subsalve USA lifeboat davit testing system allows for lifeboat davits and other
structures to be load tested in areas with insufficient access for conventional solid
weights. The handling weight of water filled test bags compared to solid weights is
substantially reduced increasing ease of use.
To use the system simply place the empty bag in the desired location, fill with
water, execute the load test and discharge the water from the bag.

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